HelloDoktor.com goes the extra mile for Malaysians


PETALING JAYA: HelloDoktor.com, a health website is hoping to make a huge impact in Malaysia, by empowering Malaysians to make the right health-related decisions.

While there are many health websites on the internet, the team behind HelloDoktor.com have taken the effort to customise the site according to the varying health trends, demographics, socio-economic and lifestyle patterns of Malaysian citizens.

Speaking to FMT recently, Hello Health Group’s International Vice President Jonas Wilbert said this was done through four primary methods.

“We analyse World Health Organisation (WHO) data at a market by market level to understand the idiosyncrasies of the country and prevalent health conditions.”

He added that they would also analyse trends in online searches, to better understand what people were searching for, which allowed them to create health content around the frequently looked up topics.

“We also monitor online forums and blogs to understand what the main questions consumers and patients in Malaysia are asking so that we can provide answers to these.”

Lastly, Wilbert said HelloDoktor.com also sought the insights of doctors and medical associations in Malaysia, and this gave them a better understanding on the health topics in which education and awareness were greatly needed.

With HelloDoktor.com, Wilbert said Malaysians could be at ease, knowing that all content on the website have gone through several rounds of approval by medical professionals, and this was not the case for many websites and forums.

“The content is also written with the consumers and patients in mind, so it is not overly complicated to understand and it is written in such a way as to apply to everyone’s daily life.”

The site, is currently only available in English, but Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese versions of the site are coming soon, revealed Wilbert.

Wilbert said Malaysia was chosen as the latest country to have a HelloDoktor website, due to the needs of the country, coupled with the nation’s strong economic growth and high internet penetration.

“We believe that everyone should have access to reliable healthcare information regardless of their income, education level or the language they speak and this simply is not available in Malaysia right now.”

HelloDoktor.com is part of the Hello Health Group. Aside from Malaysia, the group, is also present in Vietnam and Indonesia, with local versions of the site.