Happier travelers more likely to become spendthrifts

shoppingThat’s the conclusion of a new JD Power report which makes a connection between travel experiences and tourist spending.

And the destination where visitors are particularly happy with their experience and carefree with their money? Perhaps not surprisingly, that city is Las Vegas, the gaming capital of the US.

For the 2016 Destination Experience Satisfaction Study, analysts measured overall visitor satisfaction to the top 50 US destinations based on six factors — activities, cost and fees, food and beverage, infrastructure, lodging and arrival.

Satisfaction rates were then measured against traveler spending.

Sin City earned the highest score on the index at 827, with tourists giving high marks for arrival conditions, lodging, infrastructure, cost and fees.

On average, analysts found that visitors spend $1,169 on a trip, or $301 a day.

But when visitors are particularly smitten by their travel destination (an overall satisfaction score of 10 out of 10) spending was seen to rise 24 percent to $1,446 per trip.

The inverse was also true, with disappointed travelers less inspired to part with their money.

After Las Vegas, the highest-scoring cities include Austin, Texas; Orlando, Florida; New York and Columbus, Ohio the last known more for being a college and football town than a traditional travel destination.

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