Muthu Learns To Rock, anyone?

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PETALING JAYA: Two things Twitter-verse will never be short of is comedy and drama.

Today, comedy wins with a hashtag that is currently trending.

Perhaps it’s the Deepavali spirit kicking in, or maybe it’s just realising that the world needs to laugh a little in the midst of so much depressing news about war, crime and natural disasters.

Twitter users began contributing their take on the hashtag #MakeABandIndian which generally means injecting an Indian flavour into the names of famous international and local bands.

Scrolling through the avalanche of creativity that emerged with the hashtag, every suggestion just kept getting funnier.

One example was ‘Green Deyy’, a play on the famous American band Green Day, known for their songs such as American Idiot and Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Several Twitter users suggested ‘Green Deyy’, among them @Anoi_Hardy, @IkmalAZ and @zuhairynizam.

Other names were ‘Backstreet Bhai’, ‘Muthu and the Typewriter’, ‘Meet Uncle Muthu’, ‘The All Indian Rejects’, ‘Naan-sync’, ‘Dave Muthus Band’ and countless more.

Needless to say we had a good laugh, so here’s a list of some funny Indianised band names guaranteed to leave you in stitches: