Perth Zoo’s Puan the orangutan becomes oldest in world

puanPERTH: An orangutan at Perth Zoo has been named the world’s oldest Sumatran orangutan in captivity by the Guinness Book of World Records, as she celebrated her 60th birthday on Thursday, a zoo spokeswoman told Reuters on Thursday.

Puan celebrated with a birthday breakfast of rambutans from her childhood home in Malaysia, Perth Zoo spokeswoman Danielle Henry said. She was gifted to the zoo in 1968 by the Sultan of Johor who received some native Australian animals in return.

Perth Zoo is one of the top breeders of orangutans and Paun was the start of its breeding program.

Female orangutans in the wild do not generally live past 50, Henry said.

“But due to the care she receives here and the veterinary and keeper care she’s obviously well surpassed that life expectancy.”

“She likes to get her own way. If she’s waiting for her breakfast and doesn’t think it’s coming fast she will stamp her foot. Today, I think she was quite unimpressed with all the fanfare.”