AirAsia’s own Britney Spears fires up Twitter with video

Assrah-Nassir2PETALING JAYA: It isn’t every day that Britney Spears appears in an empty plane, striking trademark poses and looking lasciviously into the camera as she sings “Toxic” in her music video.

And while no Britney appeared in the flesh in an empty AirAsia aircraft, one Assraf Nasir, a flight attendant with the low-cost carrier, did a darn good impression of her, complete with sleek hip gyrations and the flirtatious pouts for which the sexy singer has become known.

In the approximately one-minute video, Assraf, dressed in his all-black cabin crew uniform, sings into the intercom, just as Britney does in her video, and proceeds to execute all her usual come-hither moves like a true professional – or at the very least, a true and ardent fan.

In one shot, he pushes a trolley, swinging his hips as he sashays down the aisle of the aircraft like a runway model in true Britney fashion while lip-syncing beautifully to the song with a perpetual smile on his face.

The video was recently uploaded to Twitter by Farhan Rzman and met with rave reviews from those who watched it. Needless to say, media across the world are going wild with the video and carrying the story of the sporting Assraf and his spot-on Britney impersonation.

Now everybody can have fun at work – watch the video and see if you can wipe that happy grin off your face!

Thanks Assraf for making our day.