Bollywood not my scene, says Ramli Ibrahim

Ramli-Ibrahim-bollywoodNEW DELHI: Malaysia’s legendary choreographer of Indian classical dance Ramli Ibrahim says “Bollywood is not my scene,” ruling out any involvement with India’s commercial cinema.

“I like working in dance theatre. Movies are a different world with a different agenda,” Ramli told Bernama.

Ramli presented his Sutra Foundation’s latest Odissi show “Amorous Delight – A Case of Possession by Love” in New Delhi on Thursday evening.

Asked if he would ever consider getting involved with the Indian film industry as a choreographer or in some other role, Ramli said: “I can’t do it. Bollywood is not my scene.”

He said he enjoyed doing classical dance-based shows in India as his performances attracted an appreciative audience.

Last year, his Odissi dance show “Ganjam”, which derives inspiration from the cultural heritage of the Ganjam district in the eastern state of Odisha, was staged in New Delhi and three cities in Odisha.

Ramli said he was looking forward to Ganjam’s new performances in India.

“Amorous Delight” is a contemporary Odissi production inspired by the ninth-century Sanskrit poem collection “Amarushataka”.

Ramli said as an Indian classical dance style, Odissi is now “firmly planted” in Malaysia together with Bharatnatyam.

“Where Indian culture in multiracial contemporary Malaysia is concerned, Bharatnatyam and Odissi have found easy acceptance alongside Bollywood, yoga, sari, dosa and ayurvedic massages,” he told the audience before the show.