Old dream comes true for skateboarder


SEPANG: A graphic designer has finally realised his dream of coming up with his own skateboarding shoes, with some help from his skateboarding buddies.

Muhammad Faiz Harun, who lives in Dengkil with his wife and newborn son, said he had dreamt of coming up with a skateboarding shoe since he was a pupil in Year 6, when he started to skateboard.

However, he never had the funds to turn the dream into reality.

“Ever since I was in school, I’d always had designs in my head for skateboarding shoes, but it was impossible to make these designs come to life because I never had the money,” he told FMT.

“One day, my little brother told me our mutual friend, who was also a skateboarder, wanted to create a skateboarding shoe but couldn’t do it alone.

“I went to meet him and we got a few more of our skateboarding friends on board. We came up with our first product for Fourgive Footware.”

Faiz explained that they used the word “Fourgive” because of the four styles of tricks in skateboarding – the flip, grab, grind and slide. The word “give” implies the shoes are suitable for those four styles.

“I don’t skateboard as much as I used to and was never good enough to be a competitive skateboarder, but I feel like this is my way of contributing to the skateboarding community,” he said.

What makes skateboarding shoes different from most other shoes is their durability, according to Faiz.

“The material is usually suede because suede takes longer to tear than canvas. Also, the soles of the shoes are usually flat and are made of heavy-duty rubber and gum.

“There are skateboarding shoes that focus more on comfort and safety, and there are skateboarding shoes that focus more on durability. It depends on what skateboarders want.”

He said many people had complimented him for the design and he had buyers lined up, though not enough to make him quit his day job.

“To me, this is more about combining my two passions: skateboarding and design. It’s not so much about the money. But in future, if things kick up, then that would be great.”

The shoes Faiz and his friends have designed come only in blue, but he said the next design would come in a range of colours.

“We also want to improve the quality in our next design. Who knows, we might even join competitions.”