Mel Gibson is old-school macho granddad in ‘Daddy’s Home’ sequel

mel-gibsonIn 2015, the original “Daddy’s Home” movie saw a mild-mannered stepfather, Brad Whitaker, vying for the attention of his wife Sara’s two children when Dusty Mayron, the kids’ biological father, shows back up in their lives.

Two years later, the two men decide to join forces to give the kids an unforgettable Christmas. But their differences become only too apparent when the two dads’ fathers show up for the holiday. Kurt Mayron, a macho, coarse and cynical ladies’ man of a grandad, couldn’t be more different from Mr. Whitaker, an affectionate pop, as seen in the trailer clip of the two granddads being greeted by their sons at the airport.

Mel Gibson plays Kurt Mayron, the macho, old-school granddad whose onscreen son is played by Mark Wahlberg. Jon Lithgow, previously seen in Netflix series “The Crown,” plays Mr. Whitaker, the father of Will Ferrell’s character. Linda Cardellini returns as Sara, the children’s mother.

Directed by Sean Anders, who also helmed the first “Daddy’s Home” movie, the sequel is slated for release November 10 in US theaters.