Rome bans the sale and public consumption of alcohol after dark

alcoholThe mayor of Rome has banned the consumption of alcohol after dark in public spaces, as part of an ongoing campaign to keep order in the city during peak tourist season.

The new bylaw came into force over the weekend to the dismay of revellers in Rome, who were cut off from consuming alcohol in public spaces.

From 10 pm to 7 am, the consumption of alcohol in glass containers is forbidden.

At the stroke of midnight, the consumption of any alcohol on public roads and public transit is likewise banned until 7 am.

Offenders will be fined €150.

The sale of alcohol is likewise forbidden between the hours of 10 pm to 7 am, with offenders fined €280.

Aside from dampening the spirits of merrymaker locals and tourists alike, the ban has also stoked controversy, as it applies to 14 of the city’s 15 municipalities with the exception of one — conveniently, the municipality where the mayor resides, critics decry.

The ban is in effect until Oct. 31.

Meanwhile, the bylaw is the latest measure introduced in Rome in an attempt to keep order throughout the summer.

Earlier this spring, the city also banned eating and drinking anywhere near Rome’s historic fountains, or throwing anything into the fountains other than small change.

The city of Turin also implemented a ban on the late-night sale and consumption of alcohol last month.