Five boredom-busting mobile games


Aside from the ubiquitous Candy Crush and Angry Birds, here’s a pick of addictive mobile games to keep you busy this summer.

Matching symbols
The card game Dobble, known internationally as Spot It, sees players race to match identical symbols on round cards. A mobile version, called Spot It Duel, is also available. The aim is to be the fastest player to find identical symbols on the cards picked. Choose the symbols you’re matching wisely and you’ll build up combos, winning even more points. A “Worldwide Arena” mode allows players to battle against others all around the world.
> Spot it Duel. Free. iOS and Android

Building blocks
The concept is simple: assemble the bricks to form lines. Once a horizontal or vertical line is completed, it blasts away, leaving space free for more bricks on the grid. The aim is to make sure there’s enough space to fit in the three different-shaped bricks at the bottom of the screen. If there’s no room to fit them in, you lose! There’s no time limit to this game, but beware, it’s dangerously addictive.
> 1010! Free. iOS and Android

Stack the colored blocks as high as you can without toppling the tower. If you don’t line the blocks up quite right, a chunk of the block falls off, making the tower smaller. With cool graphics and pastel tones, the game is stylishly designed and doesn’t require much brain work. It’s addictive and infuriating … you’ll want to start over every time to beat your score!
> Stack. Free. iOS and Android

In this game, players have 94 seconds to find words starting with a given letter: a job starting with S, a vegetable beginning with B, and animal beginning with I. The more original or unusual the word, the more points you score … but 94 seconds isn’t long!
> 94 Seconds. Free. iOS and Android

Optical illusions and logic
Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle-style brain teaser based on optical illusions and logic. Players guide a mother and her child through a world of magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and various puzzles. To solve the puzzles, players interact with the game’s environment, moving around architecture to guide the pair on their way. The graphics are superb and the music’s great too.
> Monument Valley 2. $4.99/€5.49 for iOS