Lavender latte and mushroom coffee predicted to trend in health food world 2018

Honey-Lavender-LatteAs the year 2017 draws to a close, Whole Foods has released the 2018 edition of its annual food trends report, which aims to predict the new foods and drinks that consumers will be buying next year.

Here are the top five trends on the list:

Floral flavors
While edible flowers have long been used to garnish dishes at gastronomic restaurants, the trend will enter the mainstream consumer market in the form of drinks and snacks perfumed with botanical flavors. Think lavender lattes, pink hibiscus teas and elderflower-flavored cocktails and bubbly.

Super powders
Matcha, maca root and cacao powders will increasingly replace coffee as an alternative energy boost, while smoothies will be spiked with spirulina, kale, herbs and root powders. Protein powders are also being amped up with skin and hair-enhancing collagen.

Magic mushrooms
The health — not hallucinogenic — properties of mushrooms like reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane will find their way into bottled drinks, coffees, smoothies and teas in 2018. Along with savory, vegan mushroom broths, the mushroom’s earthy, creamy notes are said to pair well with cocoa, chocolate and coffee flavors.

Flavors of the Middle East
Now that hummus, pitas and falafels have entered the mainstream culinary lexicon, consumers are ready to go deeper into the culinary traditions of the region, from Israel, Morocco, Syria and Lebanon. After harissa, cardamom and za’atar, look out for shakshuka (eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce), grilled halloumi, tomato jam and lamb to become increasingly popular next year.

Traceability and transparency are top of mind for consumers, and 2018 will only see this demand for accountability grow. Though GMO foods will remain top-of-mind, consumers will also be actively looking out for Fair Trade certification, and brands that espouse responsible production and meet animal welfare standards.