Definitive guide to mamak eateries in Mont Kiara, Hartamas


By Atikah Kamaruddin

Safiz Corner, Desa Sri Hartamas: “To watch football & eat the best tandoori chicken”


There is nothing more thrilling than watching football with friends at a mamak! And it’s even more awesome when the place you’re watching the match at has everything – the best food, drinks, service, location and a lively atmosphere to boot. Psstt… They also have the best tandoori chicken and a variety of shisha flavours in the evenings. Now, that’s a winning combination, wouldn’t you agree?

Restoran Bestari, Solaris Mont Kiara: “To cure a hangover”


Have you looked high and low for a place to nurse a hangover? Restoran Bestari at Solaris, Mont Kiara is the best place to head to after a long night out! Not only does it operate 24 hours a day, the place is very quiet and calming compared to other mamak eateries in the area. Who wants a din at 8 in the morning, right?

Nasi Kandar Pelita, Desa Sri Hartamas: “Best teh tarik”


If Malaysia ever had a national drink, it would have to be the teh tarik. For the best “pulled” tea, Nasi Kandar Pelita in Desa Sri Hartamas is the place to go. The tea is masterfully stretched by a trained tea-maker who ensures that not only are the powder proportions just right, but the ratio of tea and foam as well. Makes one salivate just thinking about it!

Restoran Bestari, Desa Sri Hartamas: “Best Indomie Goreng”


The spell Indomie Goreng has over the younger generation is undeniable. For the best Indomie Goreng in town, head straight to Restoran Bestari in Desa Sri Hartamas. Why, you ask? Imagine a perfectly-fried plate of Indomie noodles topped with a fried egg and not just any minced beef but the minced beef of a burger patty. Now’s that’s an Indomie Goreng Burger.

Mahkota Curry House: “Best nasi kandar”


Mahkota Curry House is a standout in our list because it’s not a mamak outlet at all. However, the eatery offers an assortment of dishes similar to a nasi kandar establishment and delicious curries that rival those of the mamak eateries around, the best being the fish curry. But don’t just take our word for it – try a combination of everything!

JMT Restoran Maju, Solaris Dutamas: “Best roti tisu”


Let’s be honest, have you ever heard of anyone not liking roti tisu? And JMT Restoran Maju has the best ever. Dont’ be surprised however that you can just about order anything from the menu by phone. Yes, they take orders via the internet too. It makes JMT Restaurant Maju different from other mamak outlets because it’s way cooler. And definitely very Maju.

Restoran Rahman Heritage, Solaris Mont Kiara: “Best cheese naan”


Every Malaysian has heard of naan bread. For the best cheese naan, the place to be is Restoran Rahman Heritage. Their cheese naan is soft with cheese “meleleh” (dripping) and served, almost, at the speed of light. Order the Roti Naan Cheese Special – you’ll thank us later.

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