10 drinks Malaysians love and its shocking calorie count

In this land of abundance, the choice of drinks popular with Malaysians is just as varied as the food we happily eat.

But while we tend to blame the food we consume for weight gain, we tend to ignore that the drinks we love are just as much to blame, especially if we consume sweetened drinks on a daily basis.

The information about the calorie content in the following drinks was obtained from www.myfitnesspal.com.

Iced Milo: 414 calories

This is what is found in a 200ml glass of iced Milo with a generous helping of condensed milk. The enhanced versions of Milo Tabur and Milo Dinosaur will definitely pack more of a punch and an unwanted number of calories. Omit the condensed milk and sugar, and the calorie count will go right down.

Credit: http://kalorimakanan.com/kalori-milo

Soya cincau: 300 calories

Based on a 500ml glass, this is quite a lot to drink by yourself. However, even drinking half the amount is packed with plenty of calories you most definitely do not need.

Fruit juices: 280 calories

This particular calorie count is based on a glass of watermelon juice. Remember this may vary especially at food stalls as vendors tend to add spoonfuls of sugar water to sweeten already sweet fruits.

Teh tarik: 237 calories

Teh tarik to nasi lemak is what Robin is to Batman – a trusty sidekick. This calorie count is based on one small glass of teh tarik.

Credit: http://thickybox.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/teh-tarik4.jpg

Iced Nescafe: 215 calories

This is what’s lurking in a glass iced Nescafe with two tablespoons of condensed milk. However, your local mamak may be even more generous, so beware! “Kurang manis” – or even better “kosong” is the way to go.

Credit: http://www.serembanmyexpress.com/en/nescafe-ais

Cafe latte: 160 calories

The drink of the millennials. Based on a Grande sized Cafe latte. Look at how many calories the milk alone packs. Might be best to go black from now.

Air sirap bandung: 150 calories

This is calculated based on one regular glass of sugared water with condensed milk.

Beer: 142 calories

This reading is based on a can of Heineken. It’s similar to what you get in a can of Coke.

Coca-cola: 140 calories

This is based on a 330ml can. Other fizzy drinks like Sprite, F&N Orange, Kickapoo and even 100Plus contain similar levels of calories.

Cendol: 140 calories

This is for a small bowl of cendol. We have not even begun to talk about the big bowls usually served in restaurants, or even durian cendol. Pair it with rojak and you get a rather shocking mountain of calories.


The recommended calorie intake for the average male is 2,500 per day, and 2,000 for women. This is conventional wisdom but there are new schools of thought that advocate for less than these amounts.

But the general consensus is that to lose weight, input (food intake) must be less than output (exercise, basal metabolism).

PRO-TIP: You can see that sugar and condensed milk adds to the calorie count. Try omitting these when making your own drinks and you should see a massive difference.





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