A rip-roaring dinner awaits at Tigerlily Thai Restaurant

Tigerlily Thai Restaurant at DC Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

When it comes to foreign cuisine, the most popular in South East Asia is most likely that of our northern neighbour, Thailand. Which is why you are bound to find a hot bowl of lip-smacking tomyam almost anywhere in the region.

For us in Malaysia, we enjoy the good fortune of indulging every so often in authentic Thai dishes, thanks to our proximity to Thailand and our shared history.

If you’re craving some hot and spicy flavours to satisfy your finicky tastebuds, head to Tigerlily Thai Restaurant at DC Mall, a relatively new shopping complex in Damansara Heights.

To ensure an authentic Thai flavour in all their dishes, local chefs were sent to Thailand to sample the local fare there and learn all about the intricate flavours and varied dishes that make up their famed cuisine.

Don’t let the understated decor of Tigerlily and simple plating style fool you, because what they dish up here is very close to what you’ll find in some of the more old-school style restaurants of Thailand.

(L-R): 3-layered coffee, anyone? Lemongrass tea and classic Thai iced tea are just as thirst-quenching and delicious.

The Thai Iced Tea & Iced Coffee with Gula Melaka (RM6.90) not only looked inviting, but tasted delicious too. For those who prefer something more familiar and somewhat less adventurous, try the traditional Thai Iced Tea (RM4.60) or a soothing glass of lemongrass tea instead (RM3.50).

The fried calamari and lemongrass satay are delicious starters.

The perfect starters to whet your appetite is the deep-fried calamari served with a zesty homemade sauce or the bursting-with-flavour lemongrass satay (RM9.90 for five sticks) that turned out to be a crowd pleaser.

Four-angled beans with peanuts and steamed otak otak.

Another starter that didn’t disappoint was the steamed otak-otak (RM5.90) served in an aluminium foil cup. However, truly picky eaters will find this version doesn’t quite measure up to the regular-Penang style otak-otak.

Tigerlily’s vegetable dishes were sumptuous too. Among the favourites were the four-angled beans with peanuts (RM9.90), which was both juicy and crunchy, and packed with flavour.

Stir-friend kailan and spicy eggplant with dry shrimp.

While the stir-fried kailan (RM12.90) was bordering on ordinary, the spicy eggplant with dry shrimp (RM14.90) was a winner – rich, bursting with flavour and best enjoyed with a steaming bowl of rice.

Tomyum kung, Thai red curry chicken and Thai green curry prawns.

No Thai meal is quite complete without a good serving of piping-hot tomyam, and Tigerlily’s version of tomyum kung with shrimp (RM26.90) really packed a punch.

You must exercise caution here though, and be careful not to treat everything green you see as scallions, for whole green chili padi abound in the rich soup and must be avoided at all costs.

The Thai red curry chicken (RM15.90) is slightly less hardcore on the spicy scale, but makes up for this with its super creamy and flavourful gravy.

So too the Thai green curry prawns (RM26.90), served with a generous helping of eggplant. This dish delivers a mix of seafood sweetness and the unique taste of green curry.

Thai grilled fish.

The Thai grilled fish (RM46.90) was not as impressive as one would have hoped for although it took the longest amount of time to prepare.

It was probably because Tilapia is quite a bland tasting fish to begin with and the classic Thai preparation did not sufficiently add enough flavour to the fish to maintain interest or satisfaction in it.

The Thai steamed siakap was way better.

Mango sticky rice, ice kacang, tub tim crob and cendol.

Tigerlily serves a variety of tantalising desserts, the more popular of which were the mango sticky rice (RM9.90), ice kacang (RM11.90), tub tim crob (red ruby, RM7.00), cendol (RM4.90), and banana fritters with ice cream (RM12.90).

With the exception of the banana fritters, every dessert looked like a piece of art too good to eat. Thankfully, the taste lived up to this visual experience.

The cendol, ice kacang, and tub tim crob were served with finely shaven ice (much like Korean-style desserts) which gave these a cream-like texture that melted in your mouth that much quicker.

All in all, Tigerlily is the perfect excuse to head over to DC Mall if you haven’t already checked out the place.


Tigerlily, Damansara City Mall,

Lot LG 18 Lower Ground,

6, Jalan Damanlela,

50490 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.146140, 101.661675

Tel: 03-2011 2912

Web: www.tigerlily.com.my

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