Chilean film director apologises over harassment claims

Nicolás López denied allegations of sexual harassment against him. (AFP pic)

SANTIAGO: A Chilean film director accused of sexual harassment by eight actresses apologised for his actions on Monday but denied being a sex pest.

Nicolás López, a famed director known for his comedies, said he was “in shock” over the allegations that appeared in local magazine Sábado on Saturday.

“It hurts to see that they feel bad about what I did,” said López in a video shared by local media on Monday.

“For this I would like to say sorry, and I hope that all of this will soon be cleared up,” he added, looking visibly shaken.

López described his accusers as “friends and close acquaintances, with whom I had close relationships.”

“I’m not a stalker or an abuser. I might have been injudicious, a scoundrel, an imbecile, but I’m not that,” he added.

The fallout has been rapid for López, though, with Netflix announcing they were reviewing their relationship with the director, three of whom’s films are currently available on the video platform.

López gained fame through his trilogy “Qué pena tu vida,” “Qué pena tu boda”, and “Qué pena tu familia,” before in 2005 directing “Santos,” a film about a failed comic artist.