Air New Zealand adds plant-based Impossible Burgers to in-flight menu

Impossible Burger (Twitter picture)

It’s an interesting move that is poised to endear the airline to the segment of vegetarian, socially and environmentally responsible and Instagram-happy consumers — Impossible Burger’s core demographic.

Made entirely of plant-based ingredients, the burger patties were developed to cook, smell and taste like real beef.

The centerpiece of Impossible Burger’s recipe is an iron-containing molecule called heme, derived from the roots of soy plants. The heme iron is the same found in animal meal.

Compared to beef, however, the production of Impossible Burger is said to require 95 percent less land and 74 percent less water and produces 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.

Impossible Burger and its rival Beyond Meat are lab-grown products born out of growing environmental and health concerns surrounding red meat consumption around the world.

The Impossible Burger will be offered to Business Premier customers traveling on flights from Los Angeles to Auckland until late October.

Impossible Burger is currently in 2,500 restaurants throughout the US, including fast-food chain White Castle. Recently, A&W Canada announced plans to put Beyond Meat on its menu across all 925 locations in the country, starting July 9.