The best old-school fried rice in all of PJ

The fried rice at Restoran Hup Soon in Petaling Jaya SS3 is to die for.

Admittedly, fried rice isn’t one of the sexiest hawker dishes in Malaysia. If you ask anyone what their favourite hawker dish is, chances are they’d say char kuey teow, laksa, prawn mee or mee goreng – virtually anything except the humble fried rice.

That being said, a plate of good old-fashioned fried rice is the perfect comfort food for when you’re feeling out of sorts, are simply famished, or wishing to indulge in a little sinful carbs after swearing off it for weeks.


One can also ask for a gloriously runny fried egg atop the mound of rice.

Restoran Hup Soon at Petaling Jaya SS3 is the go-to coffee shop for an indulgent plate of fried rice to satisfy your cravings whatever they may be.

The hawker whose speciality is fried rice there is originally from Kedah and has been operating the same stall for over a decade, serving up the same mouth-watering recipe day after day to a steady stream of satisfied and loyal customers.

The hawker’s signature plate of fried rice comes with finely chopped long beans, slivers of char siew, scrambled egg, crunchy bean sprouts, and prawns.

For the truly indulgent, ask for an additional fried egg that’s cooked just right with a runny yolk that flows down the mountain of rice in cascades.

The fried rice is also served with chili padi for those who love a bit of a kick, although a little saucer of Penang sambal would be the ideal accompaniment.

So there you have it – the perfect spot for fried rice in SS3, PJ.


Restoran Hup Soon
7, Jalan SS 3/29,
Taman University,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.095309, 101.611128
Hours: breakfast & lunch

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