Chinese tourists warned to be careful while traveling the US

Chinese tourists select rolling bags at Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, Japan (Reuters picture)

That’s the gist of a recently updated travel notice published by the Chinese embassy in the US, posted in time for peak summer travel.

Topping the list of eight bullet point reminders is a recommendation that Chinese tourists purchase health and travel insurance before traveling to the US, where medical care is described as expensive.

Secondly, shootings, robberies and thefts are frequent, the travel notice says, and tourists are advised to be alert to suspicious people and activity.

They’re also advised to refrain from venturing out alone at night.

The notice was published June 28, the day five people were killed in a shooting that targeted the employees and journalists of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, MD.

In the event of an emergency, Chinese travelers are advised to call 911 and insist on talking to a Chinese speaker.

Travelers are also advised to be aware of natural disasters while touring the country and to follow the instructions of the local authorities.