Ouai launches pet shampoo for pampered pooches

Primping pooches at the Westminster dog show (Reuters picture)

The stylist’s haircare brand Ouai is launching a pet shampoo for furry creatures, aimed at reducing odors, increasing shine and getting rid of tangles and knots. The cleanser can be used on a wide range of animals, but 15% of all proceeds will be directed towards the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, a non-profit rescue organization that focuses on global dog welfare.

The shampoo’s formula includes apple cider vinegar to help balance pH levels and neutralize odors, aloe juice to soothe the skin and tamarind seed to moisturize. It will be infused with the fragrance of Italian Lemon, Turkish Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Iris, Lily, and White Musk, just like the brand’s regular shampoos, and will be free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Ouai is not the first human beauty brand to branch into pet products; natural beauty brand Aesop also carries a fur cleaner called ‘Animal,’ which can be used as a regular hand wash.

Ouai Pet Shampoo will launch on July 12 with a $28 (RM113.05) price tag.