It’s Johnny’s for the ultimate in Prawn Mee and Loh Mee

Johnny’s Prawn Mee at Fullhouse Cafe, Taman Subang Murni

There’s no doubt that Prawn Mee is a Malaysian hawker favourite. The seafood broth is both comforting and nutritious and the noodles, the perfect remedy to soothe a hungry belly.

If you have super-hard-to-please tastebuds, it’s best you make a beeline for Johnny’s at Fullhouse Cafe at Taman Subang Murni for your Prawn Mee and Loh Mee fix.

If you haven’t heard of this place, well, it’s because it’s tucked away somewhere between Shah Alam, Sungai Buloh, and Subang Airport aka nowhere any sane person would go without a solid reason.

PRAWN MEE If you ask for extra prawns, be sure your stomach it up to the challenge of accommodating over a dozen well-sized ones. Even at RM15, this is a generous helping of prawns that will leave you truly stuffed if you finish it all in one sitting.

Johnny’s Prawn Mee, with extra prawns

Overall the Prawn Mee was superb. The broth had the unmistakable sweetness of prawn shells cooked for hours on end, and the slices of pork, together with prawns, kangkung and bean sprouts made for a complete and delicious meal.

The only area of improvement, if there really is the need to nitpick, would be the chilli paste as it could have been a little more fragrant.

If you’re into something different, Johnny’s also serves up a rather superb-tasting Loh Mee.

LOH MEE First off, it must be made known that it is very difficult to find a good version in the Klang Valley that stands up to the superior flavours of Penang Loh Mee.

Penang style Loh Mee at Johnny’s

However, the one at Johnny’s does a pretty good job of it. The dish comes with all the classic ingredients any respectable bowl of Loh Mee should have, and a broth that is thick and flavourful.

There were prawns, a hard boiled egg, slices of pork, and copious amounts of garlic. You can also ask for extra ingredients if you wish, including pork intestines.

At RM10, it made for a very satisfying meal, giving its Penang counterpart a good run for its money.

Fullhouse Cafe
27-1 & 29, 1, Jalan Zuhrah BH U5/BH,
Taman Subang Murni,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.162310, 101.544326
Tel: 011-2319 0288

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