Effective evening routines that make all the difference

You might not think much of it, but the habits you start today determine your level of productivity the next day and in the long run, your potential for success.

Just think of the last time you compromised on sleep. You struggled to make it through the next day, didn’t you?

What about last month when you got into an argument first thing in the morning? Did that not negatively affect your mood and thinking processes throughout the day?

How does one make a bad day good again? And what habits can be nurtured today to ensure tomorrow is productive? Here are the simple yet effective night routines that successful women swear by.

Get quality sleep

Many people tend to overlook this, but getting enough sleep at night is a must if you want to be productive during the day.

While some can survive with under five hours of sleep a day, the human body requires at least eight hours to keep you productive, and your mind focused and creative.

Enough sleep also ensures better health and a longer attention span, and saves you from getting riled-up easily. You will also suffer less from mood swings or sudden bursts of emotions.

It has been shown that not getting enough sleep at night can cause obesity, diabetes, damage to the heart, and ultimately, an untimely death.

Wash up

Don’t be lazy. No matter how tired you are, never forgo washing your face and brushing your teeth before you sleep.

Do not let germs and bacteria that built-up on your face throughout the day stay on your skin overnight. It would also help to apply a moisturiser to your face, and lotion or coconut oil on your skin.

This helps brighten your face up and make you look energised and fresh when you wake up the next morning.

Take a relaxing bath

After a stressful day at work, you need some time to relax and rejuvenate. What better way to do this than to take a relaxing, warm bath? If you have a long bath, add some Epsom Salts to the bath water and have a pleasant soak.

Why not make the most of the moment and create a romantic, relaxing space for yourself? Light some candles and play some soft music as you soak in the bath.

Simple pleasures like this can greatly affect your performance and mood the next day, if not for the whole week.

Get a massage

While you should not get a massage every day, it is not a bad habit to get one regularly (once in two weeks or so).

It is a given that our body and mind are interrelated. So while sleeping rests your mind, you also need to relax your body. Those hours of continuous office work can stiffen joints and muscles, and your massage therapist will know how best to soothe the aches and pains away.

Write positive notes to read the following morning

This might sound like a weird habit, but try it and see for yourself how it can transform you.

Try writing little notes of positivity before you sleep; it can be the things you were thankful for during the day.

The following morning, read the note and remember the feeling of gratitude you had when you wrote it. You have no idea how effective this habit is in starting the morning positively.

Meditate and practise proper breathing

If you work in an office, the constant sound of computers, phones ringing and people talking all day can take a toll on you. So too having to sit in at one meeting after another throughout the day.

Recharge by giving yourself some time alone to relax, keep still and quiet, and breathe deeply.

Understand that your brain, heart, as well as nervous system and digestive system find it hard to function as normal when you’re under stress because it doesn’t get sufficient oxygen.

Breathing in and out consciously can make all the difference.

Read a book

Instead of watching television or using your smartphone or tablet before you go to bed, a better habit is reading an actual book.

The bright white screens of our gadgets actually confuse your body clock as it creates the illusion of daylight.

Therefore, your body starts to think it is daytime and does not produce enough chemicals like melatonin that is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

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