Apple HomePod is reportedly getting new functions

The Apple HomePod speaker could be getting some much-wanted feature updates this fall. (Reuters picture)

First spotted by French tech site iGeneration, a beta version of HomePod OS 12 is reportedly bringing features that, although new for Apple’s smart speaker, is more or less already available with competitors.

Apple is working on equipping the Siri-powered device with a few new abilities, which will presumably roll out this fall along with iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.

The software update could make calling easier, allowing a user to directly start or answer a call from the HomePod, rather than picking up the phone, dialling and then selecting the speaker as an audio option.

Additionally, users may also be able to redial a number, call emergency services, search their call log and listen to voicemail messages. It’s still unclear if FaceTime Audio will be supported, the French site adds.

Eliminating the need for a phone certainly brings the added value that already exists with Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. However, that might also mean forgetting where you left your phone but fret not: the report notes Apple may be bringing a “Find My iPhone” command to Siri.

Another potential new update is multiple timers, a handy feature for those in the kitchen. This would mean being able to put one-timer on for the rice cooking on the hob and another for the chicken in the oven.

Furthermore, support for the Spanish language could be on the way, opening many iStore doors across the globe for HomePod, which recently made it to France. In fact, it seems as though calendar management will also arrive in French soon.

As for connectivity, an added feature dubbed “Fix Wi-Fi” could save users from resetting their device when they want to change the network. In the future, there may be a ‘force fix’ setting in the app that will make sure the HomePod connects to the same Wi-Fi as your iPhone.

None of these features has as yet been confirmed by Apple, nor is it certain they will launch alongside the hotly-anticipated updates for the other devices expected in September.