Lost your job? Here are 8 tips to help keep you afloat

It was reported late last year that 50,000 Malaysians may lose their jobs this year. That is an alarming number, a definite increase from last year. Between Jan–Sept last year, 30,700 Malaysians were retrenched.

As a comparison, 37,699 Malaysians lost their jobs in 2016 and 38,499 in 2015.

Shamsudin Baradan, Executive Director of Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) said the main sectors affected in 2018 will be:

  • manufacturing
  • services – insurance, banking, retail
  • construction

Don’t panic just yet, as here are eight tips to help you stay afloat if you are among those who have lost your job. These tips will also work as prudent planning for those at risk of retrenchment in the coming months.

This article first appeared in comparehero.my