Travel hosts who totally get the Malaysian food experience

Thanks to the rise in vloggers on YouTube, Malaysians now have the pleasure of reliving their most memorable gastronomic experiences all over again. Here are the Butterkicap Team’s top picks of travel hosts who totally get the Malaysian food experience.

1. Trevor James

When Trevor James said in the video, “The food in Penang is what sets it apart … the quality and the diversity of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cuisine is enough to make you never want to leave”, it left audiences feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Look out for when Trevor dips his naan into a saucer of dhall and tastes it for the first time. The look on his face says, “Pure bliss!”

2. Gordon Ramsay

Just like other travel hosts, Chef Gordon Ramsay has travelled all over Malaysia and sampled our cuisine. But he truly won us over when he was asked to cook a vegetarian curry for our former prime minister on Wesak Day at a temple in Brickfields.

“My biggest worry is that I have to cook on the fly … agak-agak but that’s the danger, I guess,” he said. But being a true sport, he threw some ingredients together, and made it work.

The best part however, is when Aunty Rupa, the temple’s head cook tells him his dish needs more salt! Chef Ramsay courteously obliged, of course.

3. Anthony Bourdain

We’re so lucky to have had the charming and fabulous Aunty Aini represent Negeri Sembilan’s kampung-style cuisine, because her cooking got the thumbs up from the late Chef Anthony Bourdain.

Gushing over the spread, he said, “This is delicious, DELICIOUS food” as he digged into the roast beef, poached eggs and chicken rendang, which he gamely ate with his fingers. Well done, Chef Anthony. You will be greatly missed.

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