Reebok’s first sports bra with Motion Sense Technology goes on sale

Reebok has released its PureMove Bra with Motion Sense Technology. (AFP Relaxnews pic)

Three years in the making, Reebok’s new launch is a response to consumer feedback highlighting the challenges women face in finding their perfect sports bra.

With statistics revealing that one in five women avoid exercise because they don’t have the right bra, Reebok set out to develop a new, innovative product which would offer women support, comfort and the confidence to work out.

The result is the Reebok PureMove Bra, featuring the brand’s new Motion Sense Technology, a unique fabric technology that adapts and responds according to the body’s shape, velocity of breast tissue, and type and force of movement.

By stretching less during high-impact movements, the fabric offers wearers the support they need, where they need it, while providing lighter support and a comfortable fit during lower-intensity activities.

“We could not be prouder to come to market with a product that breaks down barriers in a category that has dissatisfied consumers for far too long, lacking any true technological advancements. Innovation has always been in Reebok’s DNA and placing an emphasis on transforming and improving one of the most important fitness garments for women is no exception,” said Barbara Ebersberger, VP Performance Apparel at Reebok.

To test the new design and perfect the bra’s performance, Reebok teamed up with the University of Delaware to measure the effect of various product samples on breast movement in the lab, using 54 motion sensors to track bounce and support, rather than the industry standard of two to four sensors.

Surprisingly, the bra comprises only seven pieces of fabric which mold to the body for a seamless, second-skin fit, meaning the bra not only performs, but also offers a high level of comfort.

“The minimalist design of the bra may seem deceiving when you first hold it, but you should not confuse this for lack of support or technology. Every single detail is intentional and directly informed by years of our testing and research,” said Danielle Witek, Senior Innovation Apparel Designer at Reebok.

The bra will come in a large range of sizes from XS to XL/XXL, to help ensure a more tailored and personal fit, especially for women who find themselves in between standard sports bra sizing.

The Reebok PureMove Bra will be available exclusively on starting August 17, priced at $60. The bra will be released worldwide at key retailers from August 30.

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