Pebble Beach auction highlights include 1969 Bronco, contemporary and vintage Ferraris

Restored 1969 Ford Bronco test vehicle. (AFP relaxnews pic)

This fully restored first-generation Bronco 4×4 was originally built as a test vehicle, but it was then rebadged by Holman & Moody as the Bronco Hunter. Ford Broncos of all ages, mileages and conditions are always sought after when they come up for sale, but few go for the US$180,000-US$220,000 the auction company estimates this one will go for. The original Ford VIN was removed and replaced by a Holman & Moody serial number and it was then repainted in an orange colour that later appeared on the Ford Baja Bronco. The vehicle was sold by Ford originally for just US$1, and the SUV underwent a full concours restoration by Colin Comer after it was discovered in 2016.

There are plenty of other stunning renovations going under the hammer at the Gooding & Co auction August 24-25, but some of the cars expected to go for the highest amounts are considerably newer than the Holman & Moody Bronco. Among the contemporary highlights of the sale are a 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari that’s estimated to go for between US$3.2 million and US$3.6 million, and a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder with an estimate of between US$1.6 million and US$2 million.

Another Ferrari being put up for sale boasts the highest public estimate, which is a 1966 275 GTB/C that’s expected to go for somewhere in the region of US$12 million and US$14 million.

Some of the most exciting lots for casual observers as well as for those buyers looking for something of a bargain are cars put up with no reserve. These include everything from a 1995 limited edition Land Rover Defender expected to go for between US$140k and US$160k, to a 2014 Porsche 991 GT America with an estimate of US$275k to US$350k. For these lots the estimates are almost irrelevant though as no reserve means they will be sold for whatever this highest bid turns out to be, and it could easily be well below (or above) the auction estimate.