Urban Outfitters says ‘Ohii’ to the beauty industry

Urban Outfitters are moving into the beauty industry (Reuters pic)

The fashion and lifestyle retailer is set to unveil its new line, dubbed ‘Ohii’, on September 10, as reported by Fashionista.

According to the Urban Outfitters website, the line comprises “thoughtful products developed to work well with others,” packaged simply in minimalist white containers with dashes of baby blue, yellow and pink. An Instagram account for the new line hints at an extensive beauty collection spanning hand cream, deodorant, cleanser and a face mask, as well as colour cosmetics such as eyeshadows, lip colours, mascara and something intriguingly called a ‘Magic Hair Wand’.

“Ohii seeks to enhance each person’s beauty with easy-to-use skin-care products, carefully curated palettes and clever multi-use applications,” the brand told Fashionista. “The products are not focused on troubleshooting beauty problems, rather enhancing your features.”

Urban Outfitters is the latest of several fashion retailers to succumb to the call of the beauty industry, following in the footsteps of online giants Asos and Boohoo.com, which both launched their own cosmetics brands last year. Earlier this summer Business of Fashion reported that clothing site Fashion Nova was also working on an in-house beauty line, although an official launch date has yet to be publicly confirmed.