5 leading startups from Kuching to take notice of

When you’re located 977 kilometres away from the country’s capital and essentially most of the conveniences that West Malaysians take for granted, you learn to be independent quickly, finding creative and enterprising ways to be self-sustainable.

In recent years, Kuching has become a fertile ground for numerous startups that have been tackling various issues faced by the locals, and subsequently introducing innovative approaches to aid the community.

With the help of localised launchpads such as Startup Borneo, more entrepreneurs are able to bring their ideas to fruition, boosting the local economy and creating more job opportunities for Sarawakians.

Let’s take a look at Kuching’s most successful startups making a difference in the state’s entrepreneurial landscape under the guidance of Startup Borneo.

Roselle’s Kitchen

The company’s main ingredient is in the name and this Sarawakian enterprise is proud of it.

Realising the vast agricultural potential that Sarawak possesses especially for the cultivation of the roselle plant, Chai Lee Chin and Nicholas Hon started Roselle’s Kitchen in 2017.

Their main aim? To become the largest producer of roselle-based products in Malaysia and promote them as one of Sarawak’s main souvenirs, similar to pepper and kek lapis.

Currently, apart from Roselle Tea distributed to local cafes, the enterprise also produces various types of milk teas, including brews with butterfly pea flower, and even roselle-flavoured pineapple tarts.

Founders Chai Lee Chin and Nicholas Hon of Roselle’s Kitchen.

Sempoi Study

A project by Cakerawala Seni Production.

In an effort to make education fun again, Sempoi Study is striving to present the school syllabus in video performances acted by talents.

Created by a collective of artistically-inclined individuals, this streaming programme is accessible via various digital platforms, making it easy for parents to oversee the effectiveness of the content as well.

Working closely with the Ministry of Education, Sempoi Study will be a more streamlined and fun educational tool perfect for school as well as home use.

360° Hospitality Central Reservation System from Hotelier to Hotelier by Netpro

Founder Adam Lee.

The name of this project may be a mouthful but this endeavour by founder Adam Lee is meant to simplify hotel bookings for both the merchant and the customer.

The system enables hospitality operators to market their rooms on all available marketing channels, including metasearch engines, fare aggregating sites, social media platforms, and other websites, from a single platform with a single log-in procedure.

This convenient new Centralised Sales and Marketing Tool developed by Lee is hosted on the German cloud-based SAAS platform and is currently ready to be used by any interested hospitality operator.

Lee’s team will continuously conduct necessary R&D measures and provide maintenance services for the system.


Malaysian Borneo’s solution to the convenience of online grocery delivery, Timogah taps into the vast agricultural potential of Sabah and Sarawak by transporting fresh groceries from farms to consumers’ homes.

As East Malaysia is renowned for its jungle produce and other “sayur kampong”, Timogah hopes to encourage the growing and sale of such crops, in addition to helping small rural farmers increase sales.

Heineken Laluan is the founder of TIMOGAH.

Jelajah Borneo

Siti Zaharah of Jelajah Borneo.

Created with the aim of promoting Malaysian Borneo’s products on an international stage, Jelajah Borneo aims to be the middle-person between customers and participating entrepreneurs.

Apart from travelling to various overseas locales to endorse Bornean products, Jelajah Borneo will also be documenting the trips and uploading the visuals to its platform for viewing by people from all over the world.

This article first appeared in uppre.com