The instantly addictive street food of Kuching

From kolo mee and Sarawak laksa to its wide variety of desserts, the food in Sarawak never fails to tantalise the tastebuds.

It’s offering of street food seems endless and this article is a modest compilation of even more tantalising offerings, some of which you have likely never heard of or even seen before.

Some may be an acquired taste but rest assured most are instantly addictive.


Also known as Asian bagels (due to its origins from the Fuzhou region in China), the Kompia comes either with a crispy sesame outer layer or soft skin, and has a variety of fillings from traditional pork to modern reiterations with jam and Nutella.

Cha Kueh

Essentially stir-fried rice cakes, this local favourite is prepared either sweet or salty. Also includes radish and lots of eggs as its main ingredients.


This coconut and sugarcane combo is sweet and savoury, thanks to the coconut flesh that is included in the drink. This thirst-quencher is the perfect drink on a hot and sunny day.

Kueh Chap

This authentic local delicacy is composed of flat rice noodles in a pork stew of various pork innards and morsels of meat.

Mee Belacan

Comprising vermicelli and Belacan as its main ingredients, the Mee Belacan is more bark than bite. The texture is similar to Mee Hailam although it’s a completely different ballgame taste-wise.


Bracken fern can be cooked in a variety of ways, and goes well with all types of meat dishes. This is the staple vegetable to go with most meals in Sarawak.

Oyster Omelette

The edges of this large omelette are thin and crisp while the centre is packed with big and juicy oysters. Best shared due to its enormous size.

Pork Satay

Although not exclusive to Sarawak, Pork Satay is more commonly found here than in anywhere else in all Malaysia. Goes great with the classic peanut dipping sauce.

Sarawak Three-Layer Tea

Also known as “The C Peng Special”, this drink is a combination of brown sugar, evaporated milk, and red tea, presented in three visually captivating layers.

Tomato Noodles

Kuching’s version of spaghetti bolognaise but cooked with local noodles, this dish is unique to Sarawak.

Umai Ikan

A favourite local appetiser, the Umai Ikan can be made from a variety of fish, ground down until the juices surface.

Sago Worm

An acquired taste, these worms have a juicy body but a bitter head, and come prepared in a variety of ways.

What’s a city without its own unique offerings of street food?

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