Ipoh Chicken Rice: Ong Kee keeps ’em coming back for more

When it comes to food in Ipoh, the most famous has got to be the pairing of chicken rice with bean sprouts.

And for those who love this dish, there’s no other place more popular than Restoran Tauge Ayam Ong Kee right in the heart of Ipoh town.

Ong Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice.

If you’re at Ong Kee’s over the weekends or during public holidays, getting there in itself can sometimes be a huge exercise. As is finding a parking spot.

Also be prepared to spend quite some time waiting for a vacant table.

Once you’ve secured your table though, food doesn’t usually take that long before it’s served.

Innards, bean sprouts and poached chicken.

The menu choices are simple enough – there’s poached chicken, innards, bean sprouts, and there’s also pork balls should you want to indulge yourself in some non-avian meat.

Most popular eateries get the “used to be better” and “overrated” labels quite a bit, but honestly Ong Kee’s chicken has been superior all along.

The meat is tender, done just right, and marinated in a properly balanced cocktail of soya sauce.

The bean sprouts too is of a rather good quality as with most bean sprouts from Ipoh, probably due to the water quality there.

The amount of chicken this restaurant sells each day is astounding.

Overall, lunch can be quite a satisfying affair, and at RM36 including drinks, it is quite affordable too.

Ong Kee Tauge Chicken Rice
48,51 & 53, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
GPS: 4.593838, 101.083929
Tel: 05-253 1562

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