Why studying in Russia is a super idea

Every year, thousands of Malaysian school leavers make one of the most important decisions of their lives – choosing the right university to pursue their degrees.

Studying abroad has become the desired option for many mainly because of the quality of an overseas education besides offering a truly unforgettable life experience for the student.

Russia has become among the more popular destinations and one of the Top 10 countries with the highest number of international students after the US, UK and Canada.

You may ask, why Russia? Well, read on.

International recognition

The Russian certificate of higher education is globally recognised, including by Malaysia, and most countries around the world.

Several medical and technical universities in Russia are recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and the Public Service Department. This recognition gives fresh graduates the option of either working in private or government organisations.

Quality education

Russia is recognised among top employers for its quality of education, in particular its science degrees.

Besides fundamental theoretical classes, Russian universities also focus on the practical side of education.

For instance, a large number of clinics and hospitals can be found in most Russian medical universities, thereby affording students the unique chance to work with real patients, using real medical equipment from the very start of their studies.

The Russian certificate of higher education is a recognition of academic excellence as it entails long hours of hard work, classes with highly professional lecturers and training alongside real doctors – exactly what employers look for in fresh graduates.

Many options for specialisation

With so many areas for specialisation, every student is bound to find the programme he or she is looking for.

At present, there are over 500 areas of specialisation from medical and engineering to humanities and arts.

Students also enjoy the opportunity to study either in Russian, English or French, depending on their preference.

Affordable tuition fees and financial stability

Perhaps, one of the biggest challenges students face when furthering their studies is covering tuition fees.

When compared to universities in the US or UK where annual tuition fees go beyond tens of thousands of ringgit, Russian education is partially subsidised by the government, making it more affordable since it only costs an average of just RM20,700 per year.

Meanwhile, the average cost of student accommodation is only RM2,070 per year, far below what any student would have to fork out for US or European hostels.

Daily expenses like food, transport and entertainment, would require around RM1,200 per month, depending on a student’s personal spending.

It’s a blessing that student discounts and special rates are aplenty in Russia, thereby allowing students to save money while exploring the cultural aspects of the country.

For example, students enjoy a special rate for public transport, museums and library entrance, theatres, exhibitions, and even fitness and sports centres.

Russia – a unique country

Russia is the largest country in the world, with a rich history, rich natural resources, and rich culture.

Studying in Russia is a chance to experience both the beauty of its nature as well as its culture. It’s hard to imagine the world without Russian scientists, explorers, as well as musicians and writers, composers and artists.

According to Unesco findings, Russia enjoys the highest literacy rate at 99.6%. It is also estimated that 95% of Russian adults hold certificates of higher secondary education.

Dynamic student life

Student life in Russia revolves around university lectures and extra-curricular activities besides a host of cultural events and arts festivals at its many amazing museums, cinemas and theatres.

There is also the traditional cuisine to savour, the amazing Russian winters and holidays to experience besides short getaway trips to different cities.

Russia is also a multicultural country of over 200 nationalities, all living harmoniously, sharing their cultural beliefs and values that are respected by locals and foreigners.

Studying in Russia is bound to be an unforgettable and useful experience in any student’s life.

Should you be interested in furthering your studies there, members from the Russian Centre of Science and Culture of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kuala Lumpur are ever ready to help with queries.

Article contributed by Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Embassy of Russian Federation, Tel: +603-21444001, Website: www.edurussia.ru