How to defer your PTPTN repayment

PTPTN is the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional) and provides education loans for those pursuing a tertiary education. Its interest rate is very low at 1% (based on shariah-compliant Ujrah).

PTPTN funding eligibility


  • Malaysian citizen
  • Age 45 and below
  • Received offer in an MQA-approved course for tertiary education at public and private institutions
  • No other sponsorship received
  • SSPN-i account
  • Maintain GPA 2.0 and higher throughout studies

PTPTN loan repayment exemption

You are exempted from paying back your PTPTN loan if you fulfil the following conditions:-

  • Awarded first class degree honours or equivalent
  • Full-time studies completed on timeline as per PTPTN loan document
  • Fulfil original PTPTN funding eligibility requirements
  • Submitted within 12 months from convocation date

PTPTN loan repayment deferment

Repayment for PTPTN starts 12 months after you complete your studies (even if notice of repayment is not received from PTPTN).

Wage cost/upah (Ujrah) is charged every month starting from the 13th month. The repayment duration will be based on the remaining loan.

You can defer your PTPTN loan repayment in the following scenarios:-

  • Full study duration: You continue/extend your education full-time locally or overseas.
  • Up to 24 months: You are unemployed with six months deferment per application.
  • NEW: You are earning below RM4,000 monthly.

Deferment Process: Education

  • Submit the official PTPTN repayment deferment letter.
  • Submit the latest education offer letter from tertiary education provider stating the study end date.

Deferment Process: Unemployment

  • Submit the official PTPTN repayment deferment letter.
  • Submit these documents:

(i) Latest EPF statement OR official EPF letter confirming borrower is not contributing to EPF.

(ii) Letter of oath stating unemployment.

Deferment Process: Earning below RM4,000 monthly

  • Update your latest salary at
  • If you don’t have your Nombor Pinjaman (Borrowing Account No), call the PTPTN careline 03-2193 3000, icare eApp or contact a PTPTN officer via WhatsApp with your NRIC No, Full Name, Mother’s Name, and Course Name.

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