J’s Gate Dining: 18 Japanese restaurants under one roof

If you’re a fan of Japanese food, you’d like J’s Gate Dining – a concept unlike any other when it comes to Japanese cuisine in Malaysia.

J’s Gate Dining, Level 4, Lot 10 KL.

J’s Gate Dining is located on level 4 of Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang. Head up the escalator and you’ll see 18 different Japanese restaurants taking up almost the entire floor space there, centred around the concept of offering authentic Japanese cuisine and services.

Bluefin tuna carving demonstration at the launch of the restaurant early this year.

J’s Gate Dining is separated into two “sections”, with one with a food court-type set up offering pork-free Japanese dishes.

The other section consists of individual restaurants, some with non-halal dishes.

Here is the list of restaurants:

Umai Sushi Kan is a Sushi restaurant and is pork-free.

Umai Sushi Kan offers sushi and sashimi, perhaps the most familiar type of Japanese food among many Malaysians.

Torikin Yakitori (non-halal).

Torikin Yakitori offers a good selection of meats on skewers from chicken to pork belly, priced from RM4 to RM7 per stick. These make for some really good beer food.

Deep-fried meat on skewers at Kushiage Kinme (non-halal).

If Yakitori isn’t your cup of tea but you still love all things on skewers, hop over to Kushiage Kinme.

Over here you get fresh ingredients on skewers, deep-fried in light batter. There are prawns, quails’ eggs, pork, and even asparagus as well as Gindara (Cod fish).

Some cold sake goes well with these.

Hachi Traditional Kyoto cuisine is famous for their Waygu beef (pork-free).

If you prefer traditional Kyoto cuisine, Hachi could be your destination of choice at J’s Gate Dining. The Wagyu Beef set here is made up of Wagyu steak, roast beef, Wagyu cutlet, Bulgogi, roast vegetables, rice, miso and edamame, and is a complete meal that will satisfy any beef lover.

Vito Cafe & Gelato (pork-free).

For dessert, head to Vito Cafe & Gelato for some power-packed gelato and coffee. A sweet ending to any hearty meal.

J’s Gate Dining
Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang.
GPS: 3.146462, 101.711758
Tel: 03-2110 6850
Web: www.js-gate.com

This article first appeared in kyspeaks.com