The best Apple Strudel’s not in Perth but Klang

Ask anyone about Apple Strudel, and chances are they’re going to rave about the famous Corica Pastries in Perth.

Yes, they do serve up an awesome apple strudel, yet there is an equally mean version of this deliciously light and refreshing pastry right here in the Klang Valley.

Arguably the best Apple Strudel in the country.

The Fruity Cake and Bakery is a relatively old and unassuming looking pastry shop in Klang that is more than worth a visit.

Fruity Cake & Bakery is no stranger to the locals. The shop has been in operation for decades and serves mainly pastries, cakes, coffee, and a few selected Western dishes like spaghetti, chicken chop, etc.

The coffee here is somewhat below par, and the Western dishes look like it was from the 90s. What’s more, the interior decor is more fitting for a sitcom set from 20 years ago.

Fruity Cake and Bakery in Klang.

What is really awesome however, is their version of the classic dessert, Apple Strudel.

A portion goes for RM6.75 and if you want the whole big box (around five pieces or so), that’ll be close to RM30. It is worth every single sen though.

The pastry is crisp and light, and the filling is done just perfect. It doesn’t really play second fiddle to the version in Perth that everyone raves about.

If you’re a fan of this pastry, make a plan to visit Klang – and make it real soon.

Fruity Cake & Bakery
107, Leboh Turi,
Taman Radzi,
41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.026957, 101.427942
Tel: 03-3373 1071

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