Gina Gershon joins ‘Riverdale’ for season 3

‘Riverdale’ has proven to be a big hit on CW. — AFP pic

Known for her appearances in the Wachowskis’ debut “Bound,” the notorious Las Vegas drama “Showgirls,” and TV comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Gina Gershon has taken a new role in comic book adaptation and high school serial “Riverdale.”

Just as she played an antagonist in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” so Gina Gershon has taken on the role of Jughead’s mother, underhand salvage yard owner and Serpent gang commander Gladys Jones.

Jughead is best friend to main character Archie in a show that explores the dark underbelly of an apparently idyllic all-American town.

Mentioned by name in previous seasons but never until now seen, his mother is not the only member of his family joining the show; sister Jellybean (or “JB”) will be played by newcomer Trinity Rose Likins.

The two casting announcements were made at the New York Comic-Con on October 7, following the July 2018 San Diego Comic-Con news that Penelope Ann Miller (“Carlito’s Way,” “American Crime”) would play the attorney prosecuting a murder case against Archie himself.

A season 2 recap was released in the lead-up to NY Comic-Con.