The truth about lemon water and weight loss

Lemon water is believed to have an obvious effect on weight loss. Drinking hot lemon water in the morning is thought to speed up the weight losing process.

Lemon water is also beneficial to your overall health as it cleans out toxins and internal waste in your body.

Does lemon water really help one lose weight?

Nutritionists have revealed that lemon water itself doesn’t bring about any certain weight loss.

The truth here is that water containing lemon only helps accelerate the process of losing weight.

Both water and lemon are natural ingredients free from additives, preservatives or processed elements, thus, the combination of these two is extremely healthy for the human body.

Besides, lemon water doesn’t add calories to your body. Scientific evidence shows that replacing one can of soda a day with lemon water can help eliminate approximately 180 calories each day.

Although the estimation of fat-burning is quite complicated, it is correct to conclude that cutting or burning 3,500 calories is by some means equivalent to losing a pound of fat.

Therefore, if you only drink lemon water instead of other fizzy drinks or fruit juices, the 180 calories cut out each day can add up to the process of weight loss.

Moreover, drinking lemon water prevents you from consuming added sugar, which can lead to obesity. The more lemon water you consume, the faster your weight loss process.

Lemon water can cleanse internal waste

The lingering waste building up in your colon is not only a risk-raising factor of colon cancer, it also contributes to overall weight gain.

Regularly drinking lemon water can help detox your colon properly by cleansing out your bowels more frequently.

This removal of lingering waste can result in some weight loss. Lemon water also promotes fluid bowel functions by decreasing the risks of diarrhoea and constipation, which can be beneficial for the digestive system.

Lemon water can reduce hunger cravings

Along with the benefit of cleansing the colon, the effect of lemon water on suppressing hunger cravings can promote the weight loss effort.

The pectin fibre contained in lemon can make lemon water effective in reducing your hunger. In the past, you might have to drunk coffee or tea to suppress your appetite. But from now on, you can add lemon water to your weight loss diet.

Lemon water can boost the metabolism

Lemon water also boosts your metabolism. The consumption of fluid has been scientifically shown to be able to help the metabolism work moderately.

Thus, a hot cup of lemon water in the morning and a cold glass of this drink in the afternoon can help you stay hydrated while losing weight at the same time.

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