Museum of Pizza: the hallowed street food gets a photo-friendly pop-up

Pizza Museum (Facebook pic)

A host of contemporary artists will pay tribute to the beloved yet humble pizza in a new pop-up set to attract hordes when it opens this weekend in Brooklyn.

The Museum of Pizza (MoPi) follows in the footsteps of several playful pop-up art experiences to recently roll out, including Color Factory, the Museum of Ice Cream and Candytopia.

This time, the focus is firmly on the savoury, as MoPi gets set to deliver special installations, a pop-up slice shop and pizza-inspired rooms by a roster of artists that includes Jeremy Couillard, Devin Troy Strother, Hein Koh, Shawna X, Adam Parker Smith and Andrew WK.

In each room, visitors will find a pizza-inspired immersive commission, including a “Pizza Beach” by Adam Green described as “a special place in the afterlife where souls of all kinds come for a slice,” a zine-inspired pizza reading room by Devin Troy Strother and Yuri Ogita of Coloured Publishing, and a fluorescent blacklight pizza vortex by Signe Pierce and Emma Stern that is said to merge “the four fundamental aspects of life: time, space, light, and pizza.”

A group show curated by RJ Supa takes the name of “Psychedelic Pizza Parlor,” featuring unique interpretations of “pizza and its parts,” from the triangular slices themselves to neon signs, pizza boxes, dough and a Venetian-style mural.

MoPi also promises to feature a selection from the largest collection of pizza boxes in the world, as well as an interactive pizza video game.

Upon arrival, visitors will be able to experience a virtual tour through the history of pizza, with GIF-like illustrations, data-driven markers, fun facts and famous quotes.

The Museum of Pizza will be open from October 13 to 28 at the William Vale, a boutique hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Find details at