Facebook is bringing 3D photos to your newsfeed

Facebook is introducing 3D picture feature in stages. (AFP pic)

Months after Facebook’s announcement in May about the plan to add 3D photos to the platform, the company is now coming through. Over the next couple weeks, you’ll be able to share your dog in 3D and VR for the whole world (or just your friends, of course) to admire.

Facebook briefly and vaguely announced their intent to roll out a 3D and VR photo option this past May, but users were left almost completely in the dark. It was not known when the feature would come out or how to take the photos that would eventually be converted. On Thursday, Facebook 360 finally announced the release of the effect and just how to use it.

The option “3D photo” will soon appear right there within the list of post options when you go to make an update, but only if you have an iPhone 7+ or more recent. The rest of the world will have to wait for a later version.

Users can, for example, pick a photo of their dog from the “Portrait” folder, because these are the images that stored layers of depth, and then they’ll be shown a test post to ensure that Fido is captured just right. If you’re happy with the result, you can caption and share it.

Basically, when users scroll onto Fido’s pic, they’ll be able to tilt and rotate their phone to view the pup from enough angles to make him appear to be coming out of the screen.

This was a natural step for Facebook considering the platforms support of 360-degree image. The way the 3D photos are optimized is through a very similar movement of the user’s device — simple, gentle tilts. So, late generation iPhone users, enjoy making Fido a star before the rest of us showcase our handsome pets.