Fish Head Noodles: A surprising find along Jalan Pasar

Fish head noodles with ‘Soong Fish’.

One of the harder things to do when it comes to food is keeping an open mind, and not having any preconceived notions about “reputation” and who “should” be able to produce what sort of cuisine better.

It is something we all struggle with from time to time.

Can a group of foreigners (from Myanmar, perhaps?) actually cook the kind of hawker fare that will draw in the crowds?

But that’s precisely what’s happening at a rather busy joint operated by three of them, just off Jalan Pasar in Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Seladang, off Jalan Pasar, next to RHB.

As it turns out, this little yellow stall a stone’s throw away from the famous Chen Chen Roast Goose cooks a rather delicious bowl of Fish Head Mee Hoon.

Unlike fancier places like B & Best (one of the better around), the options here are somewhat limited – “Soong Fish Head” (RM7) or Garupa fish head (RM13), and your choice of noodles.

The portions are pretty decent, and the fish rather fresh. But above all, the preparation of the dish is simple yet spot on.

The soup base is delicious, with copious amounts of parsley, topped with just the right amount of fried garlic and raw ginger to make it a very enjoyable bowl of fish head noodles.

If one didn’t sit there and see these guys actually cook the meal, you’d be forgiven for thinking the broth was prepared by some old Chinese uncle with 30 years experience.

Sometimes suspending our preconceptions can bring about wonderful surprises.

Fish Head Meehun
Jalan Seladang off Jalan Pasar
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.135574, 101.715417

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