Now your cat can wear a Snapchat flower crown, too

Snapchat can now add virtual bread to cats (AFP pic)

Snapchat? More like SnapCAT. This past week the company announced on Twitter that your feline friends are getting their own filters.

Before last Friday, dogs were having all the Snapchat filter fun (if you were lucky), but after Snapchat’s Twitter announcement on October 12, cats get to join in.

To make matters even better, the filters were developed to work with cat owners; the Snap camera can differentiate between kitties and humans, so when your pet steps in the frame of you with your own cat ears, little goldfish will pop up swimming between your cat’s ears. If flower crowns are more your thing, you both can sport the festival look any day now.

Users have even found that this cat lens works on other animals, like hamsters. Fur real.

If you have a kitty or any other furry pet, update your Snapchat right meow for filters you’ve never experienced before.