Watch: Henry Cavill in ‘The Witcher’ clip

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ has offered up its first glimpse of Henry Cavill as a white-haired warrior called Geralt of Rivia.

Netflix series “The Witcher” has offered up its first glimpse of ex-Superman and “Mission Impossible” man Henry Cavill as a white-haired warrior called Geralt of Rivia.

Having released a second season of animated video game adaptation “Castlevania” on Oct 26, Netflix is moving forward with another game-adjacent project.

The commissioning network shared a costume and make-up test recorded on October 24 in anticipation of the live-action fantasy adventure series “The Witcher” in 2019.

It shows Henry Cavill emerging in costume, dressed in leather, with white hair tied back into a long flowing ponytail, and proceeding to drink from a pouch.

An annotated clapper board includes the word “Potion,” true to the character’s nature as not just a warrior but an alchemist as well.

“The Witcher” started life as a series of stories from Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski, and then provided the basis for a series of acclaimed video game adaptations, the most recent of which was 2015’s genre-defining action role-playing adventure “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.”

Taking place within a medieval fantasy setting, it cast Geralt as a wandering fighter and alchemist, trained in hunting monstrous beasts, and enhanced through a rigorous physical and mental training program that surpasses normal human capacities.

Among others cast in key roles have been Millie Brady (“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”), Anya Chalotra (“Wanderlust”), and MyAnna Buring (“Downton Abbey”).

Cavill, who played DC Comics hero Superman in “Man of Steel,” “Batman v Superman” and “Justice League,” may not retain the same level of involvement in cinema’s DC Extended Universe.

A mid-September article from The Hollywood Reporter cited a breakdown in contract talks, though Warner Bros and Cavill’s manager both affirmed their mutual appreciation and partnership.

Cavill was recently revealed as part of the extended cast for lavishly produced sci-fi video game “Squadron 42,” a companion to “Star Citizen,” and one that counts Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman, John Rhys-Davies and Andy Serkis among its ensemble of Hollywood actors.

He co-starred in July 2018’s box-office blockbuster “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.”