It’s no secret the food at Secret Garden is above par

Famous for its “Dong Po” pork belly, the interior decor in Secret Garden at Taman Megah is stunning to say the leat, with a vertical garden, and beautiful, long wooden tables.

Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.
Crispy fried prawn crackers.

Interior decor aside, the food was just as amazing. To kickstart your meal, do try the Crispy Fried Prawn Crackers.

This is not your typical prawn crackers, but rather thin layers of pastry stuffed with plenty of prawn meat in between, best enjoyed with a Thai chilli sauce dip.

A glass of white wine is great with this appetiser but beer would make a better pairing.

Home-style Taiwanese chicken soup with pickled pineapple and bitter melon.

Any Chinese restaurant worth it’s salt should serve up a decent bowl of hot soup.

At Secret Garden, the choice was a simple yet comforting and flavourful home-style Taiwanese chicken soup with pickled pineapple and bitter melon.

Steamed free-range duckweed-fed chicken with homemade sauce.

Up next was steamed free-range duckweed-fed chicken with a homemade sauce.

You can taste the difference between duckweed-fed chicken meat compared to the normal wet market/hypermarket variety as the meat is firmer and the skin, springier.

With the condiments, it makes for a good meal with a bowl of rice.

Signature Taiwanese-style ‘dong po’ pork belly.

The highlight of the dinner however, was hands down their signature Taiwanese “dong po” pork belly.

If you’re a pork lover, you must try this dish named after the famous Chinese poet Su DongPo.

Secret Garden’s interpretation of this dish is very, very good, but only made better when you have it with their super-soft, steamed bun.

Grouper fish head in yellow curry with fresh milk.

The range of dishes this kitchen is capable of is amazing, and the Grouper fish head in yellow curry with fresh milk, proved this point excellently.

If super spicy, rich Indian food or even Nyonya-style curries is your cup of tea, this may disappoint, but if you enjoy milder curries that don’t assault your tastebuds, then this yellow curry fits the bill.

Pan-fried fresh king prawns with soya sauce.

Pan-fried fresh king prawns with soya sauce was the favourite seafood dish of the day.

Instead of the usual tiger prawns or “meng har”, this version used freshwater king prawns, with their big and juicy heads that many like to suck the juices out of.

Homemade organic black soya bean tofu in pumpkin gravy.

The homemade organic black soya bean tofu in pumpkin gravy was another hit.

The tofu is made in-house, and certainly tastes fresh and with a smooth-as-silk texture. The pumpkin gravy certainly served as a good contrast to the salty and savoury bits on top of the tofu.

The menu for the night, and some live seafood ready for picking.

Overall it was a more than satisfying dinner, and certainly an experience made unforgettable thanks to the beautifully decorated dining area.

Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant
7 & 9, Jalan SS 23/15,
Taman Sea,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.116306, 101.612408
Tel: 03-7887 6999

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