BaRnana Leaf: A modern take on our traditional banana leaf meal

Many Malaysians simply love their banana leaf meals, especially KL-ites. Just the thought of a heap of soft steamed rice, ringed by savoury curries, a variety of vegetables, and of course, crunchy papadum is enough to get anyone’s gastric juices flowing.

While we have an extensive array of banana leaf restaurants scattered all over Klang Valley, The Rogue Dining Venture (TRDV) is hoping to bring your banana leaf experience to the next level.

BaRnana Leaf is located next to BaRkery at Red Hotel by Sirocco.

Introducing BaRnana Leaf – an open restaurant/bar that incorporates two different cultures – South Indian and Western.

This latest addition to the family aims to highlight to its patrons, both local and international, the history of South Indian cuisine.

The open bar space outside the establishment.

The vibrant history of banana leaf rice is translated through the taste and quality of food.

The mixture of traditional Indian spices plays an important role in enhancing the jam-packed flavours of staples such as Chicken Varuval, Fried Mackerel, Squid Masala and more.

The basic banana leaf set with rice comes with three types of vegetables and a curry.
You can add more dishes apart from the banana leaf rice set.

But the BaRnana Leaf restaurant is unlike any other in town – they actually serve cocktails that you can pair with your spicy banana leaf meal. How cool is that?

For instance, there’s the Indian Tonic – an Indian spice-infused Gin & Tonic – a drink derived from the practice Indian soldiers had of combining their quinine malaria medicine with their gin rations to make it more palatable.

The Cold Drip Palm Tea meanwhile is a local reflection of Bourbon Sweet Tea in which the fragrance of kaffir lime leaves mingle with the grainy flavours of the bourbon, and is balanced with the earthiness of Gula Melaka.

BaRnana Leaf
15, Jalan Kamunting
Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

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