Hong Kong tops list of top city destination for international arrivals 2018

Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour. (AFP pic)

Hong Kong received the greatest number of international visitors this year according to Euromonitor’s report on the world’s top city destinations, with 29.83 million tourist arrivals recorded in 2018 so far.

Market research group Euromonitor International released the results of the “Top 100 City Destinations 2018” report, which looks at the world’s leading cities by international tourist arrivals.

For the purposes of the report, an “arrival” is defined as a person visiting another country for a minimum of 24 hours, not exceeding 12 months and includes business and leisure travel.

Same-day visitors, those in transit, foreign exchange students, and military personnel, for instance, are excluded.

Overall, the top 10 list is dominated by major cities in Asia and includes Bangkok (2), Macau (4), Singapore (5) and Kuala Lumpur (8).

Notable winners and losers this year include Seoul, which saw a dramatic dip in visitors mostly due to political tensions with Chinese visitors, one of their biggest international markets.

Likewise, regions in the Middle East and Africa suffered declines in international arrivals due to terrorist attacks and the ensuing slump in demand.

Conversely, Japan and India have demonstrated strong, consistent growth in city arrivals, thanks to cities like Osaka, Chiba, Delhi and Mumbai.

Fast-moving cities like Mumbai, Porto, Osaka and Jerusalem have also been singled out as cities to watch in 2019 for international arrivals growth.

Here are the top 10 city destinations for international arrivals 2018:

1. Hong Kong, 29.83 million
2. Bangkok, 23.69 million
3. London, 20.72 million
4. Macau, 18.93 million
5. Singapore, 18.55 million
6. Paris, 16.86 million
7. Dubai, 16.66 million
8. New York City, 13.5 million
9. Kuala Lumpur, 13.43 million
10. Delhi, 12.5 million