Hulu to launch John Grisham storyverse with two interconnected shows

US writer John Grisham poses on the red carpet before the screening of the movie ‘Adrift”‘at the 44th Deauville US Film Festival in Deauville. (AFP pic)

The streaming network is teaming up with bestselling author John Grisham on a pair of TV series, the first of a shared universe based on Grisham’s legal dramas.

Hulu’s plans for a series of TV adaptations of multiple John Grisham novels will kick off with “The Rainmaker” and “Rogue Laywer,” two standalone but connected shows overseen by Michael Seitzman (“Code Black”) and Jason Richman (“Detroit 187”).

Grisham and Seitzman’s Maniac Productions’ Christina Davis will also executive produce.

Several of Grisham’s novels have been adapted for the big screen, notably, Tom Cruise-starrer “The Firm,” along with “The Pelican Brief,” “The Client,” and “A Time to Kill.”

Netflix is also set to premiere a new Grisham docu-series, “The Innocent Man,” on Dec 14.

“The Rainmaker” was previously adapted for film by Francis Ford Coppola in 1997. It starred Matt Damon and Danny DeVito as lawyers who take on a pro bono case to help a leukaemia patient denied treatment by his insurance company.

“The Rogue Lawyer” focuses on a tough street lawyer who operates out of a black bulletproof van on the wrong side of the tracks, assisted by a heavily-armed bodyguard/driver as he takes on clients no other lawyer will accept.

The two shows will be independent of each other, but feature intersecting storylines. Several characters from each show will cross over and play significant roles in the other.