Get down to some serious feasting at Pantai Seafood

If you’re looking for a seriously mouthwatering feast, then make a beeline to Pantai Seafood at Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara in Petaling Jaya.

Seafood, glorious seafood.

The choices of live seafood is astounding, and the number of aquariums is mind-boggling.

Huge grouper, abalone, lobster, geoduck, mantis prawn, and every manner of shell fish can be found here.

Huge and juicy live oysters, and geoduck sashimi.

The Mexican Geoduck set dinner for instance includes live oysters, geoduck sashimi, steamed fish (barramundi/siakap), boiled prawns, butter chicken, vegetable (lotus root), fried rice, and dessert (sea coconut).

If you’re feeling greedy, add on some other dishes on the menu – sweet and sour crab and salted egg crab, as well as a big plate of noodles. Why not?

The 10 oysters that came with the Mexican Geoduck set were really huge and juicy.

The oddly shaped Geoduck was also very good. The meat is cut in sashimi slices, and wasabi is provided if you prefer to have it raw. There was also boiling hot chicken soup too if you want to have it slightly cooked.

The meat was very sweet, something similar to scallops but even sweeter while the texture was slightly chewy, similar to cartilage. Truly delicious!

Steamed siakap, boiled prawns, butter chicken, lotus root

The other dishes came in smaller portions. The steamed fish and prawns were obviously fresh and tasted very good as well. The butter chicken didn’t disappoint either, despite it being on the unhealthy side.

The lotus root too, provided a refreshing change of taste from all the seafood and meat on the table.

Fried rice, crab with buns.

Thumbs up as well for the crab dishes especially the salted egg crab with the richness of the salted egg yolk thickly enveloping the shells.

The man tao (bun) went very well with the sauce from the other crab dish as well. A sweet and slightly spicy crab sauce paired with deep-fried buns might seem like an unlikely combination, but any seafood lover (especially Chinese) will agree to how awesomeness it tastes.

After all that goodness, there was still the fried rice and Yee Mee (noodles) with XO sauce to feast on. However, the fried rice was pretty ordinary and the noodles slightly disappointing.

Despite this, the meal was a hugely satisfying experience.

Pantai Seafood
Lot 13575, Jalan Chempaka PJU 6A,
Kg Sg Kayu Ara, 47400 PJ

GPS: 3.125756, 101.609126
Tel: 03-7725 5099

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