Dinner along Pradiphat Street in Bangkok

This guy sells a few types of typical Thai dishes.

When in Bangkok, do make time to savour their street food. This is where you will get to taste the authentic flavours of Thailand that so many Malaysians have grown to love and even crave for.

Pad See Yew, with plenty of chili padi if you need it.

The Pad See Yew from a stall along Pradiphat Street in Bangkok is one case in point. Pad See Yew is basically fried flat rice noodles with vegetables, egg, pork (sometimes chicken or beef), and vegetables.

Fish sauce, soy sauce, and pepper are also among the ingredients that make up this flavourful dish. Hands down, this stall serves one of the best ever.

A stall offering a variety of dishes with rice.

Another stall along this street, serves a wide variety of dishes that go with rice. They only have two to three tables set up by the pavement, so it’s likely that most of their business are the drive-through type.

Long beans with chicken, and seafood tomyam.

Dinner this time was a bowl of seafood tomyam and long beans with chicken to go with two servings of rice.

The tomyam was out of this world. Very sour, spicy, and full of that authentic tomyam flavour that is so tough to find outside Thailand.

Though the ingredients were nothing luxurious (some small shrimp, a bit of squid, mushroom, ginger, green onion, shallots, chili padi), the overall taste was simply superb.

The chicken with long beans too was a very tasty dish that went really well with plain white rice.

Though not quite as hot as the tomyam, this vegetable dish too came with green peppers and chili padi.

The base had a strong taste of fish sauce that worked well with the chicken and provided a good contrast to the tomyam.

Omelette squid with cabbage, and tomyam.

Yet another meal at this very same stall the next day consisted of omelette that looked and tasted much like our local telur dadar; a squid and cabbage dish that for once, wasn’t really spicy, but pretty tasty nonetheless; and of course, the very same tomyam again.

Another stall serving hawker fare.

A few minutes’ walk away from this particular stall was yet another offering similar dishes.

Tomyam, pork with brinjal, kangkung with chicken.

The meal this night was tomyam with fish, a pork dish, and kangkung with chicken to go with rice.

The tomyam from this stall was different from the one of the previous day – a bit more sour, less soupy, and a lot more spices. It was more intense, and it’s likely many customers prefer this version.

Cooked with sweet sauce, peppercorns, basil, and a type of brinjal, the fatty pork slices absorbed the flavours, making this particular pork dish rather delicious.

As for the kangkung, well, it wasn’t very different from what we get here, but did provide a contrast to all the meat dishes on the table.

All in all, Bangkok’s hawker fare was an experience to be enjoyed.

Outside Reflections Rooms Hotel

224/2-18 Pradipat Rd.,


Bangkok 10400 Thailand

GPS: 13.790110,100.545947

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