Porsche unveils T versions of the 718 Boxster and Cayman

(Youtube screengrab)

Porsche announced this week that the 718 duo is getting the T treatment.

For Porsche, T stands for Touring and driver experience, so when the company says that the 718 Boxster and Cayman now have respective T models, it means that they’ve gotten a more driver-focused aesthetic.

Basically, the design of the 911 T has been transferred to Porsche’s lineup of two-seat sports cars which don’t focus on excessively luxurious and high-tech features, but rather on the essence of driving: “The 718 T will be most at home on winding country roads, offering the joy of dynamic driving as its ultimate goal.” Because of this, the models are fairly basic with several components optional.

Both the Boxster and Cayman retain the turbo-charged four-cylinder flat engine that puts out 300 hp, but the wheels were replaced with a 20-inch alloy set and the PASM sports chassis has been lowered by 20 millimetres. The new sports seats can only be adjusted in two ways and the Porsche Communication Management module was replaced with just a storage compartment, though an entertainment system can be installed for no extra charge.

The Sport Chrono package comes as standard for the 718 T, as does the Active Suspension Management system and fabric door pulls. A couple logos make appearances throughout the model on the headrests and on the door entry strips, for example, but nothing too lavish.

Porsche hasn’t announced an official launch date or price tag yet, but the last T model to be released came in with an MSRP over US$100,000.