For genuine Thai fare, it’s got to be Malai Thai cuisine

Anyone who has been to Thailand would agree that it is extremely difficult to find similar Pad Thai or Tom Yum dishes here… until Malai Thai Cuisine opened its doors to Malaysians.

Nestled in the heart of the bustling city centre, Malai Thai Cuisine is a soothing sanctuary that offers premium quality traditional Thai flavours with a modern twist.

In its short time in operation, Malai Thai Cuisine already has gained an impressive following, both among locals and expats.

This comes as no surprise as the meals offered here have been validated by its own manager, Nirunchala Puntong — a native Thai herself.

Cosy and welcoming.

The restaurant is spacious and bright with lovely natural light flooding in during the day. The interior is designed with a touch of simplicity and elegance to ensure maximum comfort for the patrons.

The hand-picked imported furniture and accessories in the restaurant undoubtedly further enhance the authentic “Thai” experience here, giving one a sense of comfort as if dining in a real Thai home.

Two elephant statues at the centre of the restaurant.
The word ‘Malai’ refers to traditional Thai flower garlands.

Nirunchala explained that the word “Malai” referred to traditional Thai flower garlands that were often given as offerings or for good luck. She also explained these garlands were as synonymous to Thailand as its food, hence the move to name her restaurant Malai Thai.

Por Pieer Tod and iced Thai tea.

For the appetiser, try the Por Pieer Tod, long, cylindrical deep-fried spring rolls. Thoughtfully served hot and crispy in a glass placed on a bed of green, deep-dried Kailin leaves.

The spring rolls, filled with glass noodles and vegetables, should be eaten with the sweet chilli dip and makes for a pleasant opener to the spicy and flavourful meal that followed.

A totally irresistible dish.

The Tom Yum here is packed with fresh prawns, squid, mussels, red snapper, and baby octopus. It strikes the perfect balance between sour and spicy, and has an exquisite aroma to boot.

A must-have: Pad Thai.

Malai Thai’s version of Pad Thai is served with prawns and glass noodles wrapped in egg cooked with a spiderweb-like design.

The Pad Thai was truly delicious and had the right balance of sweet, sour, and salty — just as it should be.

The vegetarian Panaeng Tow Hoo was delectable.

The restaurant’s version of Panaeng Tow Hoo from the vegetarian selection was a winner too.

The dish consisted of crispy golden fried tofu with a creamy coconut curry sauce. Light as it seemed, this dish was surprisingly rather filling. Paired with Pineapple Fried Rice (Kao Pad Sub Pa Rod), this turned out to be a satisfying combo.

Pineapple Fried Rice.

Malai Thai Cuisine @ Fraser Place KL

10, Jalan Perak

50450 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours

Daily: 12-10pm

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