Infiniti debuts EV concept in Detroit as precursor to first fully electric vehicle

Infiniti QX Inspiration (Youtube screengrab)

While Infiniti was set to debut a snazzy new EV concept on Monday — which it eventually did — the QX Inspiration concept never actually made it to the press conference due to technical complications. Instead, following the car-less launch, the model slowly rolled (most likely manually) onto the Infiniti stand later, according to AutoBlog.

Like Nissan, Infiniti too is showing off a Japan-inspired, luxurious, fully-electric EV concept at the Detroit Auto Show; however, unlike its competitor, who already has an electric-powered lineup on the market, the Infiniti QX inspiration will serve as “a precursor to the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle.”

Considering that this particular model’s functionality turned out to be a bit unpredictable (technical complications prevented it from making an appearance at its own press conference), hopefully this launch doesn’t too accurately represent the future of Infiniti’s upcoming EVs.

As of now, defined specs are limited mostly to cosmetic features apart from the affirmed four-wheel drive. The model brought back suicide doors — it’s difficult that to imagine these would make it back into a production model considering strenuous safety regulations. A marble centre console that extends to the back seat is certainly tasteful, but it doubtlessly adds some rigidness to the interior of the vehicle.

The clean, couture design lines both inside and out are likely to make it into the company’s imminent production EV, as will the hyper-connected cockpit. Hopefully, the upcoming market-ready EV won’t be as unreliable, though there’s no word yet as to when such a vehicle will be launched.